Beyond M

for business and industries

0 h
Max flight time
0 kg
Max payload weight
0 kg
Max take-off weight
0 km/h
Max speed
0 km/h
Cruise speed

Powerful, reliable and flexible drone for your business

Main characteristics

  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Tank capacity: 55L
  • Hourly fuel consumption: 12 — 16L
  • Engine: Four-stroke engine

Operating conditions

  • Temperature range: ‑30°C to +45°C
  • Max wind speed: 15 m/s
  • Precipitation: up to 1 mm/h*
  • 5G and LTE streaming to YouTube

*except for icing areas

Main functionality

  • Automatic vertical take-off and landing;
  • Whole flight in automatic mode: from takeoff to landing
  • Flight by waypoints;
  • Planning the flight route in advance;
  • Quick change of the landing point;
  • Route adjustment during the flight mission; Payload control during flight mode;
  • Displaying the location of the unmanned aircraft on a map;
  • Downloading maps in various formats as well as downloading from map servers (Google, etc.);
  • Real-time transmission of a video signal from an unmanned aircraft to a ground control station;
  • 5G/LTE real-time transmission of a video signal from an unmanned aircraft directly to YouTube (or another streaming Internet platform);
  • Monitoring the flight of an unmanned aircraft and its parameters (altitude, speed, quality of signal from the ground control station, battery charge) during the flight in the real time;
  • In case of the lost communication signal, return to launch, continuation of the flight following the route, or choosing another scenario;
  • Geodetic referencing of the images obtained with the camera to their geographic coordinates;
  • Following terrain altitude.

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Use cases

Data collection and processing
Inspections of infrastructure, construction objects and sites.
Cargo and rescue missions
Precise, reliable, fast cargo delivery also in challenging conditions is solving your challenges. If you work in construction, logistics, emergency, industrial area, the helicopter drone is supporting to become more advanced, faster, more secure, just better. 
Special missions
Evaluating the effectiveness of emergency response actions
Search-and-rescue operations
Ice patrol
Fire detection and firefighting
Aerial chemical works

Benefits of Unmanned Helicopters Solutions

No ground operations

Acquisition of relevant and comprehensive data about hard-to-reach, large-scale infrastructure and areas.
Fast delivery of fragile and dangerous cargo irrespective of road infrastructure. 

No labor-intensive inspections

Rapid tasks execution.
Acquisition of timely and precision data.
Labor costs reduction.
No risk to life and health of personnel. 

No piloted helicopter missions

Reduction in costs associated with training flight personnel and maintenance.
No in-flight incidents and accidents involving people.