Unmanned Helicopters

Powerful, reliable and flexible drones for your business.

Wind turbine inspection

Wind turbines inspections require very stable drone with low level of wibrations — our unmanned helicopter made it possible.

Powerline inspection

A helicopter drone is very effective to run inspections of power grids. Unmanned helicopters are perfect for vertical takeoff/landing and flying close to vertical and horizontal structures. The high reliability and security combined with high power is providing the ideal tool set for your success. 

Telecommunication mast inspection

A full 360 decree inspection in all details from all angles is enabled with the drone. In 20 min. the full data collection is done. With helicopter flying to the mast, running the inspection, and return is an easy task. The fully autonomous mode is the most efficient and effective way to work.

Cargo and rescue missions

Precise, reliable, fast cargo delivery also in challenging conditions is solving your challenges. If you work in construction, logistics, emergency, industrial area, the helicopter drone is supporting to become more advanced, faster, more secure, just better. 

Special missions

Evaluating the effectiveness of emergency response actions.
Search-and-rescue operations.
Ice patrol.
Fire detection and firefighting.
Aerial chemical works.

Beyond S

Fully Electric and autonomy’s drone below 25kg. 9 kg payload. Over 2 hours flight time.

Beyond M

Big cargo drone with gasoline engine and up to 230 kg payload.